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    How to Grow an Herb Garden

    Posted on 26 Feb, 2018

    Picture this: You come home in the evening, open your large sliding glass doors and make your way to your herb garden, where you clip a few basil leaves to use in a caprese salad for dinner. After a delicious

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    A Walk in the Parks at Aliento

    Posted on 24 Jan, 2018

    There’s nothing like visiting a beautiful park and taking in the natural landscape. Not only can being outdoors improve your physical health, it can also help reduce stress and create a greater sense of joy. With rolling hills and valley

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    Holiday Season Hosting Tips

    Posted on 14 Dec, 2017

    Are you opening your doors this winter to host some lively dinner parties and holiday festivities? Preparing ahead of time can help you avoid holiday stress and allow you to focus on what’s important: spending time with your loved ones.