A girl swimming underwater

5 Fun Family Pool Games

Posted on 24 Aug, 2017

The school year may have already started, but it still feels like summer outside. And what better way to beat the heat than with a day at the pool? The Terrace’s sparkling swimming pools–one for laps or just leisurely floating, and a beach-entry children’s pool–give families at Aliento a convenient and beautiful place for fun in the water. Make a splash with these classic pool games!

Marco Polo
One of the most well-known pool games, Marco Polo requires one person to be “It.” As “It” calls out, “Marco!” the other swimmers respond with, “Polo!” Marco tries to tag the other swimmers, but must keep their eyes closed. The first person to be tagged then becomes “It.”

Sharks and Minnows
A player is chosen to be the “Shark” and stands in the center of the pool. Everyone else, the “Minnows,” form a line at one end of the pool, facing the Shark. To start the game, the Shark yells, “Shark attack!” and the Minnows swim across the pool underwater. The Minnows’ goal is to not be tagged by the Shark, but a Shark can only tag a Minnow if their head comes above water. If a Minnow is tagged, they become a Shark and can now tag Minnows. If a Minnow makes it to the other end of the pool, they wait until the next round. The original Shark calls, “Shark attack!” and the process repeats until the last remaining Minnow is declared the winner.

Atomic Whirlpool
Watch out for the Atomic Whirlpool! The object of this game is create a whirlpool out of sheer human force. Players walk or run in a clockwise circle along the edge of the pool (or a designated area of the pool) until a whirlpool forms. Players may take turns being pushed along in the center of the whirlpool, or have fun trying to walk against the flow of the whirlpool.

Handstand Contest
This one is easy–see who can hold a handstand underwater the longest. Great for tournament-style fun or breaking timed records!

Octopus is similar to Sharks and Minnows, but with a twist. Players who are tagged join hands to create a line and an “octopus” effect. Together as one “Octopus,” the players try to tag the Minnows swimming by.

Remember, safety first. Young swimmers should always have an adult supervising them in the water. For children who aren’t yet swimming, The Terrace’s beach-entry pool and splash pad are great places to play and still enjoy the water.

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