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    Fun Earth Day Events in and Around Santa Clarita

    Posted on 15 Apr, 2019

    Along with all those gorgeous spring blooms, April brings us a whole month of eco-friendly fun and learning, with Earth Day, on April 22, as its natural center. Here’s a rundown of Earth Day events in Santa Clarita and other

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    Teaching Kids About Earth Day and the Environment

    Posted on 05 Apr, 2019

    Earth Day was started back in 1970 as a way to draw attention to environmental issues and to raise awareness about environmental protections. Now, almost 50 years later, we celebrate Earth Day every April 22 to demonstrate support and push

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    Earth Month Visit to Golden Oak Community School

    Posted on 30 Apr, 2018

    Earth Month is another great reminder to say thank you to our truly amazing surrounding environment. On Tuesday, April 24, BrightView Landscapes and Pardee Homes, Aliento’s master plan developer, visited Golden Oak Community School, located