Woman in Eco-Friendly New Build Home at Aliento

How LivingSmart Helps the Environment While Saving You Money

Posted on 27 Jun, 2019

From our phones to our televisions, smart devices are part of our everyday lives. At Aliento, we’ve combined the latest technology with innovative features and materials to create the ultimate smart home through our LivingSmart® program. Our homes are built with one goal in mind: to ensure the well-being of both our residents and the planet. When you live at Aliento, you live in a healthy, energy-efficient, earth-friendly home – and you can save a little money in the process. Learn more about the LivingSmart program’s five areas of advancement and how they benefit you and the environment.

When you’re LivingSmart at Aliento, you can rest easy knowing your family is breathing clean, safe air. Our homes are built using only the safest materials, including low-volatile organic compound (VOC) interior paint and water-based adhesives. High-quality, properly sized filters keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring better air filtration. Bathroom fans detect the humidity level and automatically turn off when the level drops. A sealed combustion furnace prevents potentially harmful gases from entering your home, and a central vacuum system reduces the recirculation of dust and dirt.

Conserving energy is good for the environment and your wallet. At Aliento, we’ve incorporated a number of energy-efficient improvements into our homes. We start from the outside in, with building materials such as radiant barrier roof sheathing, weather stripping, and low-E windows that help regulate the temperature of your home. Inside, we’ve installed dimmer switches, motion detectors, programmable thermostats and fluorescent or LED lighting to reduce electricity use. ENERGY STAR-certified appliances improve performance while decreasing costs. Tankless water heaters ensure you have enough hot water for all your needs and are known to save money in the long run.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword at Aliento. We are committed to using sustainable materials when we build our homes. Aliento incorporates engineered wood products that preserve our forests while providing solid construction. These materials resist warping, splitting and shrinking, and stand the test of time. Our recycle/reuse program allows us to ensure unused materials are put to good use, and our kitchens feature a built-in recycling bin to help you do your part.

Wasting water not only wastes energy, but also wastes a precious resource for people worldwide. At Aliento, water conservation is one of our highest priorities. Our homes feature WaterSense products such as faucets, showerheads and toilets that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s specifications for water efficiency and performance. We incorporate water-friendly, drought-tolerant landscaping throughout the community by using native plant materials.

The builders at Aliento stay up to date on all the current technology and incorporate it into the design of your home to help simplify your life. An added benefit of some Aliento homes is the ability to control the temperature and lighting of your home from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, ensuring your home is ready for any occasion. You can see and speak with visitors at your door and let guests or service providers in remotely. Worried that you forgot to close the garage door? You can make sure it’s closed, all from your phone. We’re constantly incorporating new technologies into our homes to help you live a more comfortable, stress-free life.

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