Master Suite Retreat Ideas

Making Your Master Suite a Daily Retreat

Posted on 21 Feb, 2019

Let’s face it: in today’s busy world, we can all use an oasis. Here at Aliento, every new home has a master suite that’s so inviting, all it takes are a few thoughtful touches to turn it into a spa-like retreat. After a day of swimming at Aliento’s resort-style pool, hiking the ridgelines or just coming home from the office, you’ll be so glad you created your perfect sanctuary.

To create your own personal oasis, consider these five elements:

Some stylists insist that neutrals are the most soothing shades, especially water tones. However, one person’s calming neutral is some else’s “boring beige.” Choose colors you love, period. Do make sure to consider your partner’s preferences. For example, if you love brights and your partner is overwhelmed by them, try a color scheme that’s mostly muted tones with little pops of brightness. One great way to add color? Hang some art on the walls! You can find fantastic local art at the Santa Clarita Artists Association.

In addition to the lighting you select with your homebuilder, there are other ways to design the lightscape of your master suite. For a truly special touch, add a chandelier over a chaise lounge or comfy reading chair. Pick bedside reading lamps with a little “wow” factor. And of course: candles! If you don’t like messing with wicks and matches, there are many realistic-looking flameless LED candles available. These candles can be tucked into locations where a real candle might be inconvenient and, best of all, many LED candles can be controlled with a tiny little remote!

The master suite is the perfect place to bring in a favorite scent. Hang some sprigs of fresh eucalyptus, lavender or rosemary from the showerhead — all are especially energizing in the morning or after a workout at the Terrace fitness center. Place a reed diffuser, scented wax warmer or essential oil mister on the bathroom counter or a dresser. (Bonus: Most are decorative as well.)

A Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker and dresser-top system are definite must-haves. Consider adding nature soundtracks to a special “spa time” playlist for maximum chill. It might also be soothing to hang a favorite windchime just outside your window to catch the breeze.

The interplay of soft, shiny, smooth and rougher textures brings dimension to every room. Your bedding and window treatments can help set the tone, while accessories can offer balancing contrast. For example, if your bedding is mostly soft and smooth, consider accessories made from natural materials like baskets, stone, wood and unglazed pottery. (Look for inspiration out on the Paseo Aliento trails!) Or amp up the shine with mirrored, metallic or glass accents. Plants are another good way to bring texture to the master suite. Airy foliage brings movement and delicate texture, whereas plants with chunky leaves (like sansevieria) can give you some drama and boldness.

At Aliento, resort living is all around you. Why not bring it inside your home with a spa-like master retreat?

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