A family connects virtually by opening gifts together on video in their new Aliento home.

6 Ways to Connect with Family Remotely During the Holiday

Posted on 10 Dec, 2020

The holidays may look different this year, but there are still plenty of ways to connect with family from afar. With a little creativity, you can adapt some favorite activities, add twists to holiday traditions and create lasting memories.

Make it a virtual celebration.
When you can’t be with far-away family, the next best thing is to see them virtually. Do you usually exchange presents in person? This year, send each other presents in the mail or order gifts online to be delivered to them directly. Or, better yet, ship them your signature holiday dish to enjoy. Then, set up a holiday celebration video chat where you all open each other’s gifts (or delicious food) at the same time. Don’t forget the hot cocoa!

Is your family missing making holiday crafts together? Hold a craft night on Zoom or another video chat service. Send out the craft beforehand with a list of supplies everyone will need and let the creativity flow. Another fun idea is to have an online gingerbread house-making competition. You’ll want to make sure everyone has the same kinds of supplies to work with, and has their cameras angled at the workstations. Then, let the gingerbread building begin!

For families who love to play games, there are plenty of ways to play together online. Classic games such as Charades or 20 Questions work well, or play I Spy and look for items in the other family’s background. You can also use Jackbox Games® on Jackbox TV, or use the Houseparty app for multiplayer games online. See more ideas for online games here.

When you live at Aliento, it’s easy to stay connected. Our new homes in Santa Clarita are outfitted with HomeSmart® technology, including a central wireless access point that keeps all the smart home components working seamlessly, while providing enough bandwidth for streaming music, movies and games. On top of that, HomeSmart® features allow you to adjust the thermostat, turn off the oven, close the garage door and much more from your smartphone.

Send your love by mail.
Have you always wanted to create a family newsletter or year-end update to send out to extended family? Now is a great time for the classic holiday tradition of creating a family update letter. If it seems like there aren’t many updates to write about this year, try creating a list of things or people you’re grateful for.

Are there children (or even adults) you’ll miss seeing this year? Send them an object in the mail – it could be an Elf on the Shelf® or any small doll or figurine. Then, ask them to take pictures of the object and send them to you to let you know how the doll is enjoying the holidays at their house.

Of course, care packages are always a nice way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Send your loved ones a holiday gift or two and include a hand-written card from everyone in your household.

No matter how you celebrate, the Aliento team wishes you a happy holiday season.

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