Crafts for Kids

Celebrate Autumn at Aliento With These Fun Crafts for Kids and Adults

Posted on 11 Oct, 2019

The colors are changing. The weather is cooling off. The sweaters are coming out of the bottom drawer. It’s fall! And a great way to welcome the new season into your home is to make a few art projects with the kids. Here are six fun, fall crafts for you to make with your family — they also double as decorations for your home at Aliento.

Create pumpkins using apple stamps.
Cut apples in half and have the kids dip them in orange paint. Then, stamp them onto butcher paper, construction paper or brown lunch bags. Paint or draw stems and leaves, and you have a little patch of painted pumpkins to hang up for autumn.

Make pine cone bird feeders.
The kids can gather some pine cones on your next nature walk around Aliento. Cover the pine cones in peanut butter, leaving the top empty so you can hold them. Roll the pine cones in a tray of birdseed until they are fully coated. Then tie string or fishing line around the top, hang them outside and wait for the birds to flock to your homemade treat.

Color pumpkins with crayons.
To make a fun dripping effect on a pumpkin, you can melt crayons in any patterns or colors you wish. Peel off the crayon wrappers and arrange them on the top of the pumpkin. Use a hairdryer to melt them down the side. The kids will love watching the colors meld together and move around.

Use rolls of toilet paper for pumpkins.
To make pumpkins out of rolls of toilet paper, start by cutting pieces of fabric in 10-inch squares. Place a roll of toilet paper on the fabric and then wrap shopping bags or newspaper around the roll to fill out the shape. Tuck the fabric into the side of the toilet paper roll on the top and bottom, and then use a twig or cinnamon stick to make the stem of the pumpkin.

Assemble a glitter leaf garland.
For an extra touch of sparkle in your home, make a leaf garland by painting artificial leaves with liquid glue and sprinkling brown, gold and bronze glitter on top. Once they are dry, hang them at different lengths in a window to make it look like they’re falling.

Design your own clove pomanders.
For all-natural, aromatic table decorations, put whole cloves into oranges, pears or apples. This is an easy project for kids. They can create fun patterns or even spell out words with a letter on each piece of fruit. To finish them, hang them up or arrange a group in a bowl and wait for the fragrance to drift through your home.

Craft at Aliento.
The homes at Aliento provide ample living room space, outdoor rooms and large kitchens — giving you enough space to spread out with all your supplies wherever you like to work. Plus, The Terrace, Aliento’s resort-style recreation center, is a great central place to meet family and neighbors for a big crafting party. And afterward, enjoy s’mores around the fire pit — a perfect way to usher in the fall festivities!

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