Creative Ways to Organize Your Home for Back-to-School

Posted on 27 Aug, 2019

Summer is winding down, and as kids return to school, the pace of life ramps up. Want to get ahead and stay ahead of this year’s school routine? Here are some trusty organization ideas to help keep your beautiful Aliento home efficient, tidy and a place where the whole family can catch their breath.

Drop Zone
Seize control of potential incoming clutter by creating an entrance to your home that catches everyone (and their stuff) at their typical point of entry. Some Aliento floor plans are designed with an entry expressly for this purpose, or you can easily create your own drop zone:

• Designate an area with a bench for taking off and putting on shoes.
• Add baskets underneath for each family member’s shoes and outdoor wear.
• Add hooks above for kids’ backpacks, jackets and umbrellas.

Food Stations
Let kids get their own healthy afterschool snacks, hearty lunches and speedy breakfasts. Create food stations around the kitchen by designating an easily reachable cabinet, drawer, shelf or separate area altogether – like the optional butler’s pantry offered in some Aliento floor plans. Your food station may include:

• A breakfast cart – A bar cart serves as a simple breakfast station, stocked with dry cereals, protein bars and fruit, while a low fridge shelf offers milk, yogurt and cheese sticks.
• A lunch cupboard – Dedicate a lunchmaking area of the refrigerator or pantry, complete with sandwich fixings, and pre-bagged fruits and veggies for grab-n-go convenience.
• Snack bins – Fill a drawer with self-serve snacks like trail mix and apple sauce, and in the fridge, include sliced produce, cheese and yogurt.

Homework Spot
Having a homework spot helps kids stay focused, productive and ready for success. At Aliento, you can set up a homework spot in the kitchen, tea room or game room. Here are a few tips for an effective homework spot:

• Make it quiet and distraction-free – If your child requires some supervision, make sure it’s somewhere you’ll be present.
• Stock it with supplies ­– Having all the tools kids need on-hand saves time and helps them stay on-task.
• Create a home filing system – Giving each child a file box with two folders for each class, one for past assignments and one for reference materials, will help them study for big tests and help keep backpacks debris-free.

Command Center
Finally, give yourself an organized family command center; some Aliento floor plans include the perfect home center space just for this purpose. Make it your own. Essentials might include:

• A family calendar to collect everyone’s daily activities.
• An inbox to catch new paperwork or mail.
• A bulletin, chalk or white board for important papers and reminders.

Set up your home with thoughtful intention, and you can help set up your whole family for a successful year ahead!

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