LivingSmart at Aliento

LivingSmart® at Aliento

Posted on 12 Jan, 2017

The master-planned community of Aliento will not only be a beautiful place to live, it will also be an energy-efficient, earth-smart and healthy place to live—thanks to LivingSmart®, a ground-breaking approach to design that creates homes and communities that are more sustainable, better quality, and are water-, energy- and earth-friendly.

When it comes to LivingSmart at Aliento, there’s a lot to know. First, there’s water efficiency. Shaped by naturalized landscaping, native plant materials and water-friendly irrigation, Aliento will feel like a natural oasis. Water-efficient plants are used throughout the community, with no overhead spray used for any watering, including in Aliento front yards, which all come with water-smart landscaping too. Community walking and hiking paths are made with permeable materials, reducing run off and allowing water to go directly into the ground. Between the irrigation and the plant palette selected for the area, Aliento will be one of the most water-efficient master plans within the Santa Clarita Valley.

Energy efficiency also is an important factor in the design of Aliento. All homes at Aliento are built with energy-efficient features. The Terrace, Aliento’s resort-style amenities center, is built to high standards of energy-efficiency, from its building material to its use of solar energy. There will even be a charging station at The Terrace for electric cars, making the space both energy-efficient and energy-producing.

LivingSmart also means earth-friendly practices. During property construction, more than 80 percent of the construction waste is recycled, with very little waste going to landfills. And the homes at Aliento will make extensive use of engineered wood that preserves forests, while resisting warping, splitting and shrinking.

The community itself will be very walkable and pedestrian-friendly.  There are plenty of trails to run or walk, including two miles of trails within Aliento and easy, direct access to the public trails of Angeles National Forest and the San Gabriel Mountains. There’s also the fitness center and recreational center at The Terrace, which will include state-of-the-art equipment and machines, an outdoor exercise deck for yoga, an adult lap pool, a children’s pool, and a splash pad which uses recirculated water. With Aliento’s proximity to schools and nearby services within Santa Clarita, you’ll reap the benefits of living in an earth-friendly community that’s also good for your health.

The LivingSmart features at Aliento go beyond green materials and earth-friendly use of natural resources. Aliento is for every family who wants their home and community to be as healthful, well-made and cost-efficient as possible.

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